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This was a successful lesson. I find the 10am-3.30pm Saturday sessions usually go better than the evening classes. When I'm teaching people on a Monday evening, for example, they have been at work all day. Coming into the classroom on a Saturday is a little holiday from everyday life. As the name suggests there was a lot to cover, but we made it, finishing exactly on time. We went fast enough to cover everything, but we didn't lose anybody. To achieve this, towards the end of the session I explained and demonstrated without giving the students a chance to practise. This was reflected in the feedback forms, one person said that the course would be improved if there was a 'little more time to experiment' and another said, 'Need more time to play with examples but appreciate it is a lot to get across in one day.' I think I'll cut down the section on promoting your website next time, to give students more time to practise. Other comments included 'enjoyed this course', 'I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the day. The cafe was lovely too', 'We got through masses of information in one day! Well done Stuart - as mixed ability in class,' and my favourite 'Nice teacher'. It was the last class of term, so it was good to end on a high.

I'm feeling exhausted now - and it rather feels as if I've wasted the evening as a result. I'll regret wasting this time later, but I just haven't felt able to do much. I've read a bit, watched an epsiode of Bergerac, prepared an Call of Cthulhu adventure for tomorrow and listened to the Howard Shore special of Classic FM's Saturday Night at the Movies while having a light doze. Actually, written down, it doesn't look too bad. There's just a feeling of comedown after you've been teaching eight students to come home to an empty house. No doubt I'll feel better tomorrow, as I should be seeing four friends at different times throughout the day.



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